Our Father/Creator Is Using Power From On High! To Jolt All Good People! And Me? I Am Just As Intense As Ever Listening & Watching My Father At Work! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!

To live in the Presence of our Father, under His direct control & dominion is the most wonderful carefree existence that there is, just like a minor child lives in the presence of the parents!

Friday, June 19, 2015 at 2:16 pm
Father, this authorship business is time-consuming! I have been all over making corrections and what have you! So much so, that I almost miss recording things in this journal if it was not for You jolting my memory to record whatever!
Father, to live in Your Presence under Your direct control & dominion is the most wonderful carefree existence that there is, just like a minor child lives in the presence of the parents!
No kidding! I know of numerous good friends & acquaintances that live a good, honest and enjoyable life—friends that have been there for me in the roughest spots of my life!
Yes! I know and I admire, respect and I am grateful for them but, I only know of a couple of my personal friends that truly connect with me because they also are living directly in the Presence of our Father/Creator!
The rest of the wonderful friends and good role models in this world, somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow they are missing something in their lives—something that, in their goodness complacency they have overlooked! What is it? What is it that they are missing?
Perhaps, in fact, I know that our Father/Creator is using Power From On High! to jolt those good people to discover whatever it is that they are missing! And me? I am just as intense as ever listening & watching my Father at work!
In the meantime, I am enjoying the fruit of my Father’s work within my being! And for once in my life I am not carrying any chips on my shoulders nor do I have a beam over my eyes blinding me to my own selfish ways!
I am genuine! Genuinely good & genuinely bad! I mean genuinely good by the grace & favor of my Father, and, genuinely bad by my own devices! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!
Am I confusing you? O well, let me see how I can get out of this pickle of statement? Me? Genuinely good? Not by my books! That’s for sure!
But the people that comes across my path these days on the daily basis? Without fail, they look at me, smile and tell me all kinds of good things about myself!
O well, where is the genuinely bad part? Ask my new gifted son, Ahmad—if it was not for the mercy & favor of the Father my selfish demands on him would have done ended our relationship!
My selfish demands are the cause of my wonderful loving family’s strangeness from me! Even so, our Father/Creator is working all things for our good and soon we will all be dining together in His Presence! Make no mistake about that!
And that’s where Power From On High! comes into play—our Father/Creator’s play! Check it out! Why not? Get a hold of your mouse and …. CLICK!
Power From On High!
Next Post? Who knows? I only know that I am on my way to my blogs to post these lines right now! I don’t know even if I’ll get to post them—maybe something else could demand my attention and I don’t get to my blogs as I intent to do!
No problem! Father is leading and it is enough for Him to know all the details of my daily existence & my doings—I am just His little girl singing in the rain as He showed me in a dream a long time ago!

That’s me in my Father’s sight!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


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