The Offer Stands, To Impregnate The Child’s Heart In All Willing To Receive That Heart!


A child’s heart within a man is My one requirement to establish a relationship of Father & child!

“You sense something is amidst in the hustle & bustle of all the goodness in this world but, you have not been able to articulate the matter until today! Why?

For the simple reason of My timing for everything under the sun, My child! My appointed time is now for you to see clear what others are still not clear about! For what purpose?

My purpose is to impregnate the child’s heart in all willing to receive that heart in like manner as you have done!

Thus I have assigned unto you the task to compile Power From On High! Nonetheless, I know of your doubts & fears as the days go by without much of a response from your loved ones!

And you wonder about the matter. Even so, I see your child’s heart replete with My love—the kind of love that makes your doubts & fears vanish just as quickly as those attempt to usurp your trust in Me. O but how you delight My being, precious child of Mine!

My child, what is the Power From On High in your possession? That child’s heart replete with My love is the Power From On High that I have ingrained in your soul!

The content of Power From On High is the record of how I ingrained that child’s heart within your being in the course of many years, day by day, moment by moment as the months and the years flew by until, the moment that My child settled down in My Presence!

Indeed My child! A child’s heart within a man is My one requirement to establish a relationship of Father & child!

No amount of work whether noble or ignoble shall avail to anyone now or in the future! I am looking for children not for workers!”

So, where am I at now at the tender age of seventy seven?

I am in the only place that all the children of our Father/Creator are destined to be in—His actual Presence in our everyday lives! What does that mean?

Can you imagine being a child in a good home where you are the object of your parent’s perfect care for you? This child is the recipient of much loving care including discipline to protect him from any evil matter that could hurt that precious child—that’s what the actual Presence of our Father/Creator means!

And that is where yours truly is! Yours truly is living a life of a precious child of our Father/Creator! Thus, yours truly is perfectly content and has no need to struggle with the business of this world at all!

All things are handed over to me—wisdom, success, skills, intelligence and what have you to overcome the dilemmas of this pitifully complicated world that we live in! That’s the fact whether anyone believes it or not! And that’s what is recorded in Power From On High!

Power From On High is the record of how yours truly came to possess such power! Power to live or die as the Almighty Master of the Universe wills—that’s POWER! Better yet—that’s the only power that to avail an overcomer for now and in the future!


Thursday, July 02, 2015 at 7:05 am
Well, my Father? What do You have in store for me today? Should I start compiling a title, “How To Lose Friends And Have Even Kinfolk Ostracize You Work For The Good Of All Involved!”?

In view of all that is happening these days, plus all the hype about the rat race to succeed in this world, perhaps a title like this will rattle such hype! Least for the ones that belong to You! I wait on for You to show me what am I to do!

Thursday, July 02, 2015 at 11:22 am
Lose Friends And Have Even Kinfolk Ostracize You! It Will Work For The Good Of All Involved! Alright! You will now see the proper headlines to compel anyone to find out more about that headline!

Father, I am making progress and You know it! I sense that You are leading me to compile several books under the title, Lose Friends And Have Even Kinfolk Ostracize You! It Will Work For The Good Of All Involved!

Today I will work on it! That will be my second title to publish in Amazon Kindle. While I am working on this project I will also be looking into other avenues for publishing where I will have the option to offer my books free of charge only for a voluntary donation!

Well, my Father has a different plan for me! Since I wrote the above lines, Father has pass me through the ringer. The details of such horrors are not worth to mention. Only now, I am ready to post the end result of the horrors I went through in the last few days!

A Child’s Heart! The Gift You Are Offering To All Of Your Children!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015 at 9:36 am
Father? As of this moment, I sense a desire to conduct myself as an obedient & submissive child in a good home. You have let me experience the maximum good and the maximum bad of my passions even when those passions are under Your control & dominion. Why?

“My child, it is time for you to understand why I have allowed all maximum of good & bad in this world up to this moment since the creation of mankind!

By allowing you to experience the maximum good and the maximum bad of your passions, even when those passions are under My control & dominion, I have demonstrated to you what it means to learn obedience by the things you suffer under the circumstances resulting from the natural or carnal self in you and in others.

Now I can empower you to live like that obedient & submissive child lodging in My heart! For I know that you have the heart of an obedient & submissive child because that is what I have ingrained in your being to remain there for eternity!

In addition, others will now see the purpose of your bad & good doings under My control & dominion and begin to understand the core of their own predicaments and situations of life.

For all predicaments and situations of the life in a human being stem from the carnal self! And the carnal self remains supreme in all human being until the due time appointed by Me for a good reason.

The due time for each one of My children, in an individual manner, is here! For all and each one of My children will have enough of their predicaments as well as of their good situations in life and will have no other alternative but to turn their eyes upwards towards Me, just like you and many others have done!

Thus, others will now begin to see your good woks superseding all the bad works resulting from the carnal self in you as well as the carnal self in others and, many will esteem and honor My name for your good works!”

O my Father! You are an awesome Yah! Thanks for my child’s heart! Thanks for this unbelievable power to live by that heart! I know that this is the way my life will emerge saved & sound until the end, no matter what or who comes my way!

May all come to receive this precious gift of a child’s heart that You are offering to all of Your children!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


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