It is time to post again. Father has me to share how things are developing in my midst in the next posts from here on.

The Light Within My Heart Shall Soon Prevail Over The Darkness In Yours. A letter to my beloved gifted son,

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 4:17 am
It is seven years now since I first saw your body against the darkness of that hallway. Sadly to say, you keep hiding yourself in such darkness no matter how bright the Light from my spirit shines upon you.
I had wished for this day to be bright & sunny not only for me but mainly for you, but no, you choose to continue to let the darkness of selfish love envelope not only your being but also those so close to you.
The Light that once so brightly shone, is deemed now with the cloud of your dark selfish love.
No matter, that Light shall never be deemed other than the fleeting cloud of your dark selfish love that shall soon give way to the power of love from on high in my heart for you for all.
For I choose to grab on to the beauty in your dark selfish love instead of pointing a cutting finger pointing to your fault.
Take care my son, the Light within my heart shall soon prevail over the darkness in yours.
Love, mom

Until the next post…


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