Back With The Fruit Of My Labor For The Last Few Day—A New Free Download Blog. Check It Out!

Die To Live

Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 1:48 pm
I slept for a bit. ‘Been for about an hour. I am still not feeling too good but, I will continue to work on the book Dying In The Present Living In Eternity.

Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 5:39 pm
Father? Thanks for taking control of my wicked carnal nature. Nothing and none of Your ways are the way I figure them to be.

My idea of Your control should cause me to think and act properly at all times? What a fallacy! For then I would be a human robot just like the rest of human beings!

Hahaha! I know this will give a lot of thumbs down from the loving positive arena? Should I refrain from my sarcastic remarks? Nay!

That was? Inspired sarcasm! Truly, take a look around? What do you see?
Same people, men, woman, children all conforming to the same fashions in mode, same foods, same etiquette—don’t say this, don’t say that, you talk too laud, where are your manners?

Where is the individuality? In most cases? Its frowned upon! Our minds are programmed to act & react correct or in-correct or perish.

Much ado is put nowadays on self! Self-discipline, self-sufficient, self-improvement and what have you!

Me? Forget it! No self-anything for me other than self-death! Thus I am announcing now the blog, Die To Live. It’s a whopper! Check it out!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


One thought on “Back With The Fruit Of My Labor For The Last Few Day—A New Free Download Blog. Check It Out!

  1. Thia thanks for the new post.

    I see that you and our creator have been putting in some overtime. That all goes well with him, you better get more rest don’t want you to get pooped out.
    You have given me a lot of reading material, I have to get my rear into gear. I saved the URLs for your books. The Restoration of our Souls,

    The people of this world are hungry, they are searching, and you are there to show them what they’re really looking for but do they see it? I think most people today are searching for something to make me, I, self, feel good, to have a happy trip. They would rather not think about serious things like, is there another place to spend eternity besides the shopping mall?

    We can pray, try to show people the way, I hope decision time isn’t too late for the masses.It is written many people will still be wanting and searching at the end then it will be too late.

    Looking at your blog you should maybe be in computer network designing for some multinational conglomerate. You could make very attractive layouts for them to advertise the gadgets that they are selling. You could probably become rich overnight, it sure looks like you have a lot of talent designing, the work that you put together about your writing isgreat.

    I guess we will just keep singing ‘one day at a time’ not to question what is in store for us, do our best each day. I wrote a new post yesterday Zapped With 110 V. Another incident in my life, it could’ve been my last day and here I am, use me should be my new motto.
    Thanks for the new post, stay well, keep up the good work and blessings to you.

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