Hello Ye All When I Am Feeling The Worst Father Makes Me Feel The Best! Read On.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 6:17 pm
Father? I have not been able to sleep for coughing. You remain silent. I am cold and uncomfortable. I have not any more supplies to help me with this cough. Unless You intervene? Don’t know what’ll be the end of this. Perhaps the end will be greater than my imagination. You know best.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 3:29 am
O Father You are so good to me. It is as I wrote to my friend about my present predicament of severe attack of coughing?

No kidding! That’s the beauty of my life? Joyful in whatever state I am! But no, I am feeling worst! That’s OK though. Father is showing Satan that no matter what Satan throws at me? I will never quit Him! Hahaha! Satan had me bound but Yahushua set me free. Tell everybody about my report–help to spread the news. I love you!

The same goes for all of my readers? Tell everybody about my report–help to spread the news.
2015 WordPress Report for my Portal

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


5 thoughts on “Hello Ye All When I Am Feeling The Worst Father Makes Me Feel The Best! Read On.

  1. We pray for the New Year to throw out that darned cough and surround you with the warming love of others, reflecting the love of our maker to make all things anew.

    1. Thanks! I checked your blog but, couldn’t find where to comment? Anyhow? I am so dizzy at times that I can’t find anything anywhere! hahaha! Thanks for your prayers? For in answer Father made a way for my check to come way early so, later on today I’ll get me some honey & apple cider vineger and I’ll shame that devil for sure! Tell you what? I understand now how brother Paul could rejoice in his infirmities, man O man! I now rejoice as well! Father says, In this world you shall have tribulations but I have overcome them all! Now I know? For sure! He is the Overcomer and I am the rejoicer! Rejoice with me for your prayers have been heard and Father has great things planned for us all this coming 2016. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

  2. 12/30/2015
    Dear Thea,
    I know you feel hurt by the lack of response from all of the different bloggers and I can understand why but imagine our father how he must feel, he’s been at this a whole lot longer than you. He must have tears in his eyes a lot of the time when people just don’t seem to care, to listen, or to look at the word you are trying to tell them about.

    I don’t know if I’m putting this comment in the right place I was having trouble finding a spot to make a comment. But I do wish you a new year of blogging, when things start falling into place, and people come to receive the word.

    Thank you thia for all of your work, stay well.

    1. You precious brother, you bless me so! So true! It is our Father’s tears that I shed day & night at times? Specially when I read about the arrogance of Christians along all religionists that claim to be working for Him when in reality they are working for their own pleasure to receive the praise from man. Such tragedy! But the polices of the Word? That’s when the Spirit within my being grieves the most!
      In another subject, thanks for your prescription I got some relief for a bit but, I ran out of both honey & vinegar so? I have been? Dying? Nay! Father won’t let Satan take my life. Father is only proving to Satan that no matter what Satan throws at me, I will serve my Father, period! Thank goodness, today I should be getting my honey & stuff and this thing be over with.
      I sense that all of this is also happening on account of that WordPress Report? I got so many congrats that my head was swell up! Suddenly, Father showed me the situation so I am writing a post about it. Father is good! He never gives us any more than what we can take! Be blessed! love, thia

      1. Thia I don’t believe that WordPress report will make your head swell up too much, you will still be were able to wear the same size hat. I can’t believe all the work you put into your blog, it is quite remarkable work. Like I said before, you got a talent there designing, you should be working for some big conglomerate, with the big bucks rolling in.

        You mentioned about Satan not going to get a hold of you, to take your life. I feel the same way with my situation. My life has been one event after the other, I should a checked out and went to the little cemetery years ago. I’m still here, still making noise, the doctor’s can’t figure out why. The Lord’s grace is the only reason that I’m still here, there is no ifs, ands or buts about my existence. Hopefully we will both be used for some good yet even we don’t understand it all. The Lord’s ways are supposed to be easy black-and-white reading for humans. YEAH RIGHT!! I like what you said, He will never put more on us that we can handle, something to those words.

        I thought I would get a reply off to you, we just returned home not long ago and I’m way behind on answering comments on my different posts. Maybe I’m spreading myself a little too thin and trying to write about everything under the sun and not making a lot of sense out of any of it.

        We used to use the old Vic’s Vapor Rub for colds, congestion, etc..The fumes remember well my mother rubbed on our chests, when we had colds and sore throat. I guess that’s not recommended now, put some on a rag and breathe the fumes. Along with your homemade cough syrup, you get to feeling better. My Grandmother mixed pine tar and honey, that will make your eyes blink and throat warm up.
        Be well, God bless, don’t change hat sizes too much.
        Later, Love in OUR Creator, Leland

        You said, “Dying? Nay! Father won’t let Satan take my life. Father is only proving to Satan that no matter what Satan throws at me, I will serve my Father, period!”

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