What More Could I Ever Want For?

Book Cover What more could I ever want for

What’s The Use?

Let Satan rant and rave in my carnal mind? It is all to no effect. I do not live by my carnal thoughts or feelings.
I live by the power of love from on high, period! I choose life in Your Presence, O my beloved Master and Owner of my being! Gone off to bed and hope for Your sleep!
From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 6:49 pm
O my Father? Again, I am at the ‘what’s the use’ screen of discouragement. What’s the use?

Our souls are at risk but, our concerns are set for our bodies, for the external concerns of the flesh of mankind!

Here I am? I am a vessel holding the flowers of Your love for Your children, for Ahmad and his family, for my own children, for my friends—so what?

Your children, Ahmad and his family, my children, my friends? They are totally absorbed with the concerns of this life.

For them? For all the inhabitants of this earth? It’s all about the physical—what they can see, hear, taste, touch and feel.

Their souls created in Your image? That’s only a subject to talk about, to discuss, to debate.

Their souls? A mere romantic subject to enjoy at times of glee. Or perhaps? A subject to think about at times of gloom.

Who cares about Your flowers when scolding water burns one’s child? Who can think about the soul when the physical body is burning? Impossible!

What gives my Father? What gives? At the moment my body continues to trouble me—I do not feel good at all! My mind?

Assailed with the influx of nasty, negative, evil thoughts of discouragement, lack of trust, disgust!

And why not? To hold such treasure as I am holding and have no recipient for such treasure? But You know it my Father, You know it!

Myself? I refuse to live by such thoughts constantly flowing through my carnal mind like the waters of a raging river carrying the rubbish of this world to the oceanic waters of hell.

Let Satan rant and rave in my carnal mind? It is all to no effect. I do not live by my carnal thoughts or feelings.

I live by the power of love from on high, period! I choose life in Your Presence, O my beloved Master and Owner of my being! Gone off to bed and hope for Your sleep!

To read the outcome of this pitiful moment that I was passing through? Here is the link to the whole book, What More Could I Ever Want For?

From His Presence let my voice resound in the waves of the Internet and in the books by yours truly from one end of the earth to the other, reaching the hearts & minds of my Father’s beloved children!
It is my hope for the beauty of that Loving Spirit that inspired these words to catch & hold the reader’s interest from the beginning of this writing to the end! thia/Basilia—Webmaster/Author/ Publisher
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia




2 thoughts on “What More Could I Ever Want For?

  1. Be patient Dear Thia,

    Lives will change and be open to receive the good news, hearts will be softened, instead of rejecting the word it will be devowered in the near future, the bread of life, taste, it is good. People will not be able to get enough of it.

    We are in a time similar to that when manna fell from heaven. All the people mad, lost crazy and not satisfied They didn’t have the faith that it would be on the ground for them in the morning. Tried to grab all they could carry, and watch it rot. The world is in a time like that right now, no faith, unhappiness, treasures rotting in our hands, or hidden away.

    You are living in a part of the world where the WORD is not very popular. The Internet should be like a whole huge jar full of ancient scrools, that have just been uncovered. Screeming READ ME but it is another tool being wasted maybe. I feel sad for you, that is, hard as you try, it is still being rejected. Satan is still running the show in this world. The final curtain will fall in due time.

    You have to take care of yourself so you can continue to fight the good fight and continue bringing the word, scattering it with the internet, to all the world.

    1. Well, by the power of love from on high? I am doing just that–taking care of myself regardless. The cough is finished. Heavy blankets to cover myself. Good winter coat on 24/7. And I have not missed a good healthy meal. Hahaha! HalleluYah! Father is good. I never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for bread.
      Anyhow? You read the end of the book? That’s the main thing. the thing that no human being can do for another human being? That is DELIVERANCE!
      I had to go through that moment of distress recounting all evil of the past 7 years but, it was necessary.
      Really? Things are changing for the best on account of my distress.
      The new likes & followers generated by that last post, What More Could I Ever Want For? is really encouraging.
      So? Don’t be sad for me. Be envious! lol (Just kidding.)
      I am having the best of the best of times in the Presence of our Father.
      Do I miss someone to talk to? I mean to talk good talk? Hum! I talk to my Father–the best of listeners.
      On the boot? The only One that can resolve ALL my dilemmas. So? The human element in my life?
      Father knows that I need a human supporter? So? He sent you to me! Hahaha! HalleluYah! What a Mighty Yah we serve! 🙂

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