Perhaps I Give A Negative Impression By Giving Up My Knowledge Of All Things? The Truth. Read On…

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Sunday, December 25, 2016 at 5:48 am

Ha! Once again, the 7th day of rest finds Your child resting on You, O my Father—O Father of mine, so? I can relax in all my doings. I been up since about an hour or so but! The idea to keep re-arranging my things came to me. Thus I did a few changes. Now I have the space in my precious apartment more suitable to work.

It is winter time here. Yak! The rain is welcomed but, the wind and the cold? Those two elements are not welcome. Even so, one has to learn to live in the midst of such. Winter began along wind, rain, and cold temperature. I shut my window & door. The heater and my cooking causes vapor that forms into water drops on the ceiling then drips on everything in the apartment. Everything becomes damp & cold. Couldn’t figure out any solution until I woke up earlier this morning. Crack the door open. The vapor then would have an outlet other than accumulation on the ceiling! How ‘bout that? Why didn’t I or Ahmad think of that before?

I tell you why? Because each one of us is absorb, obsessed with our own problems. Each one of us is looking for solutions as elusive as happiness itself. Why those solutions evade our minds? Because all solutions to be of lasting value can only be found in the source of our beings. WHAT?

Yeah. It is not a riddle. It is not a secret. We all know it. We all claim to submit. We all claim to know it. We all claim all kinds of things but! We talk the walk but we do not walk the walk. So what is the source of our beings? For goodness sake! It is not the Universe! Why do we insist in making up our own gods?

Let’s call it the Ancient Writings. The Ancient Writings have now been unearthed. Those writings tell us the same thing written in what we have labeled, the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and others but! Each of those books have been interpreted, translated and ultimately corrupted by the human mind. So what is written in the Ancient Writings?

The Ancient Writings record the true account of our Creator and our creation. They record the account of our Creator and His command to His created human being. They record what it was and what it was to come should the man would disobey that command. They record the existence of the devil. They record the existence of life & death.

Every single human being in the world knows all those written words but! Every single human being choose to believe and live in whatever seems good to that human being. We stuck in our own selves like mules in a mud pile. That’s the way we are. No argument. What do you do with this not so new information? That’s your business not mine.

Me? I gave up my Knowledge Of All Things. The Truth? I quit believing & living as per whatever seemed good to me a long time ago but! That does not mean that my quitting made me into an automatic ‘holy creature’ at all. Ha! If anything, the opposite is the truth. Nothing ‘holy’ about my carnal self which is the thing I must live with whether I like it or not!

Even so, GOOD NEWS! Not to worry. The Power of love from on high—the love from our Father/Creator is and has always been working to deliver us from our wicked, dysfunctional carnal natures. Yes, that carnal nature is part of our physical make up but we don’t have to live by it. By the Power of love from on high—the love from our Father/Creator we are now overcoming that powerful monster that our carnal nature is!

Yes, I had to go through the process but! By the Power of love from on high—the love from our Father/Creator the monster is now under the control of the Father/Creator. Thus, I have overcome the monster. It is not my problem anymore! I am now free to live an overcoming life. Despite the daily attempts of that monster to take control of my being again, the Power of love from on high—the love from our Father/Creator shall always avail and prevail in my life.

Next post? I will quote the writing titled, ‘Life & Strength. The HARVEST. Most valuable product offered to All’. His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


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